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Organic Spa, Massage & Healthy Skin in Pittsburgh
Wow, hard to believe that Halloween is only a few weeks away. Just think, with the kids back in school, you can now enjoy a world-class facial, massage or body treatment that delivers real, visible results as part of a comprehensive health and wellness program. If you are like most Americans, you ignore the early symptoms of chronic pain & stress and dismiss spa treatments as a frivolous indulgence. Stop! Don't let peer pressure or conventional wisdom tell you that a healthy face, body and nails are something reserved for "ladies who lunch" or for well-heeled executives or for those on "vacation". And don't think that the soft, clean, smooth skin of your youth can only be restored with incredibly invasive blue peels, the burning of a Class A Laser Device or through the point of a hypodermic needle filled with Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptura, reused fat or.... a surgeon's scalpel.

As for us, the biggest difficulty we face (no pun intended) is trying to get people (guests and non-guests) to recognize the inherent value of frequent, quality treatments that make them look better and feel great. Would you not brush your teeth or take a shower for a couple of weeks? Probably not. Not only would you not look so good but you probably wouldn't feel too great either. The same rule applies to your face, body, hands and feet. You need to STOP thinking that going to a spa is a once or twice-a-year luxury. Massages, Facials and other spa treatments from an experienced, licensed professional can help lower stress, reduce pain, increase circulation, increase energy and can even help identify overlooked issues that demand immediate medical attention. At ESSpa, our organic treatments are available not just for women. We have been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and other well-known publications for offering customized, healthy spa treatments for EVERYONE from tots, tweens and teens to Grandmoms and Granddads and we are open every day. Our guests understand that ESSpa treatments ARE NOT just for your face either (quick, take a look at your feet or your back) so why not try our MojiToe Pedicure or Back to School Softening Sugar Scrub. Learn more about these treatments and now that the kids are back in school come and enjoy a "Spacation", "You Deserve It Package" or one of our other Delightful Day Spa Specials today!



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Contact Esspa Kozmetika Organic Day Spa at 412-782-3888.

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